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Binder attachment – what to choose

I am lost, what do I need?

Single or double fold?  This is a matter of taste, what you prefer 


Single fold – Folds the binding tree times, leaving a “raw” edge on the back. Normally the seam cover this on the back. Gives nice and thin binding edge. Suitable for clothes adult and kids. Easy to attach snap buttons.

Double fold – Folds the binding four times, looks the same on both sides. Nice on blankets and other projects. A thicker edge than the single fold and can be a bit harder to attach snap buttons.

My binder attachment Size Finish size
Single fold  28 mm 10 mm
  35 mm 12 mm
  50 mm 20 mm
Double fold 48 mm 15 mm

Size of the finish binding are adjustable about +/- 2 mm (adjust with the screws on the binder)

Yeah.. but what do I need? And most important does it fit my machine?

My binder are ”universal” and can fit almost all sewing machines and Coverstitch (not overlock). I haven´t tried all brand and modells of the machines so I cant promise it will fit. But I have sold many binders by now and have not heard one that it didn´t fit.

Sewing machine

No plate, just attach binder with “sticky-stuff”

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Coverstitch/ Combo machines

Depending on model you might need the universalplate if you want to attach the binder with screws

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