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Add-on for the binder: Bias binding 20mm

103.20 SEK

  • A smart Add-on to sew bias binding (cotton or jersey) with my binders!
  • Choose your type (not guarantee to fit others)
  • Binder attachment are not included

Add-on for the binder: Bias binding 20mm

Looking for other sizes? let me know!

This little “gadget” for my binder attachment will make it a bit easier and much more fun to sew bias binding with the binder!

The Add-on are designed to fit my binders
No guarantee it will fit any other binder attachment not bought from me.


Add-on”A” fits

  • Single fold 35 mm (link)
  • Doublefold 48 mm (link) — the add-on may feel a little small, but the design help it to
    stay in place while sewing. Tip! putting a small piece of “sticky-stuff” (putty) on the back keeps it in place
  • Janome double fold 42 mm

Add-on”B” fits

  • Single fold 35mm with 20mm piping (link)
  • Single fold  28 mm (link)
  • “Inspiras binder” 28-32mm


  • Cut the bias binding in a angel, and place it in the add-on
  • Place the add-on in the binder attachment
  • Push the bias binding forward using a tweezer or similar
  • Fold the bias binding and place it under the foot
  • Tip! Pull back on both guides on the front of the binder – more control of the narrower bias binding
  • Start sewing!

The Add-on centers the bias binding in the binder  ( and also stretches bias binding of jersey ) (Observe! Results varies depending on quality of the bias binding
Work with the settings on you machine (sewing machine/ coverstitch) until you are happy with the result/ stretch


Material: Plastic – Polylactic acid (PLA)
Color: shades of pink, may vary

A biodegradable polymer produced by lactic acid that can be fermented from crops such as maize. Withstands heat up to 75 degrees (Celsius!)