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Add-on for the binder: FOE

103.20 SEK

  • A smart Add-on to sew FOE with my binders!
  • Choose your type (not guarantee to fit others)
  • Binder attachment are not included

Add-on for the binder: FOE

Hard to get it right with sewing fold over elastics (FOE)?
This little “gadget” for my binder attachment will make it a bit easier and much more fun to sew FOE!

The Add-on are designed to fit my binders
No guarantee it will fit any other binder attachment not bought from me.

Add-on”A” fits

  • Single fold 35 mm (link)
  • Doublefold 48 mm (link) — the add-on may feel a little small, but the design help it to
    stay in place while sewing. Tip! putting a small piece of “sticky-stuff” (putty) on the back keeps it in place

Add-on”B” fits

  • Single fold 35mm with 20mm piping (link)
  • Single fold  28 mm (link)
  • “Inspiras binder” 28-32mm


  • Cut the FOE in a angel, and insert in the add-on
  • Place the add-on in the binder attachment
  • Push the FOE forward using a tweezer or similar
  • Fold the FOE and place it under the foot
  • Tip! Pull back on both guides on the front of the binder – more control of the narrower FOE
  • Start sewing!

The Add-on centers the FOE in the binder an also stretches the FOE (Observe! Results varies depending on quality of the FOE (with and thickness!)
Work with the settings on you machine (sewing machine/ coverstitch) until you are happy with the result/ stretch


Material: Plastic – Polylactic acid (PLA)
Color: shades of pink, may vary

A biodegradable polymer produced by lactic acid that can be fermented from crops such as maize. Withstands heat up to 75 degrees (Celsius!)