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Kit: Binder spinner and accessories

215.20 SEK

  • Bind with ease!
  • Kit includes the binder spinner, a plate for bigg rolls.
    Two rods to easily raise the spinner so the binding are in level with the binder


Kit: Binder spinner and accessories

A very practical tool at the sewing machine. It holds the binding in place and spins easily around when sewing. (OBS binding not included)

Link to a short film about the binding spinner

Accessories: plate and + raising rods

Did you know that the result gets slightly better if the binding strip is fed evenly through the binder during the binding?
And that even better if the binding is at the height of the binder?

1. Lift the top part of the spinner
2. The rod is placed in the hollow tube of the spinner
3. Reassemble the spinner

This kit contains two raising rods in different lengths and a cardboard plate for the larger rollers

Size of the spinner: height 20cm
Size of the plate: 17cm in diameter

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