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The binder on a domestic sewing machine?

Wait what? No.. you are kidding

Sewing machine/ domestic sewing machine

But also embroidery, quilting machines

YES! you can use the binder on a “normal” sewing machine. You don’t have to buy and expensive coverstitch.

My binder fits almost all sewing machines ( I have not tried “all” brand and modells, so I cant promise, but I have not jet had a return because of miss fit)

Your machine just need some space in front on the foot (about 4-5 cm) and attach the binder with  with “sticky-stuff” (blue tack) a piece comes with every binder from Erikas syskrin.

Use a twin-needle or single needle. Most important are to use a stretchy seam for stretchy fabrics. 

(the binder comes with a piece of sticky-stuff, a test strip of binding and instructions on how to get started)

1. The binder

All my binder will fit the universal plate

2. The extra!

Smart sewing notions and personal favorites for binding