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The guide on what to choose!

All about my binders and attachments

I am lost, what do I need? Do not worry. I am here to guide you.

First,  what machine are you planning to use with the binder?

Okay now I’m lost… What are the different and how do I choose? 

Single or double fold?

This is a matter of taste, what you prefer 

Single fold – Folds the binding tree times, leaving a “raw” edge on the back. Normally the seam cover this on the back. Gives nice and thin binding edge. Suitable for clothes adult and kids. Easy to attach snap buttons.

Double fold – Folds the binding four times, looks the same on both sides. Nice on blankets and other projects. A thicker edge than the single fold and can be a bit harder to attach snap buttons.

Okay! Now what?

To find what you need for your machine,  choose below

And yes, I have 5 different binders and they can be used on both sewing machines and coverstitch
There are not a specific for each model /machine

Domestic sewing machine

Yes, you can use the binder with your normal sewing machine.
Just need some space in front of the foot for attaching the binder. (This also includes machines that can do embroidery, quilting etc.)


Coverstitch or combo machines.  
The binder can not be used on overlock
Attach with screws direct or with the help of my universal plate.

If you change your machine or upgrade to another model – Don’t toss the binder. I can be used on your new machine too, depending on model you might need the universal plate or maybe not