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Single fold binder 35 mm

295.20 SEK

  • Bestseller and my personal favorite
  • “Universal” fit all sewing machine and coverstitch (not overlock)
  • Good quality!

Single fold binder 35 mm

“More than just a binder attachment when you buy it from Erikas syskrin”

Includes: instructions with tips, a test-binding of my precut binding (interlock) and a piece of good quality tack-it / “stickystuff”.

The binder are generic/universal model and will fit most domestic sewing machines, coverstitch (not for overlock/serger).
Attach with tack-it “stickystuff” or screws (coverstitch, extra plate may be needed)

Single fold binder (folds on the front but not on the back, leaving a saw edge)

Size of the binding: 35 mm
Finish size about: 12 mm (+/- 2 mm)

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