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Knit binding (rib) – Hibiscus

From: C$4.33

Stretchy binding for garment in knits/Cotton lycra mm

Choose the width and size of packaging

♥ The width depends on the binder you are using (35 mm binder= 35 mm binding)

♥ If you edge by hand, it is a matter of taste how wide you wish

The most common width (and my bestseller) is 35 mm

Knit binding (rib)

Precut knit binding of rib,

Fabric: 95% cotton 5% elastan
Weight: ca 240 gr

The fabric are pre-washed in hypoallergenic, perfume-free detergent

*Color and screens*
Keep in mind that colors differ between reality, product photos and different screens.

Color differences may also occur between different orders/ color baths